10 Things Kids Should See Their Parents Doing Outside

10 Things Kids Should See Their Parents Doing Outside

Anyone who has spend time in the presence of children knows how perceptive, alive and tuned into the world they are. Our fear, resilience, empathy - it all gets integrated and informs who they are becoming. The best way inspire a love of nature in our kids is to express and reveal our genuine love for it too.

Things our kids should see us doing

So here's to revealing our most authentic, joyful selves to our children when we are out there. Here are 10 things all kids should see their parents doing outside:

PLAYING Get dirty, go barefoot, run in the rain, jump like a frog, have imaginary sword fights. Let them see you playing in wild abandon!

ASKING QUESTIONSPoint up, listen intently, make observations. Let them see and hear you being curious about the world around you. Let them see you wonder.

ENJOYING THE WEATHER (every kind!)Run in the rain, roll in the snow or turn towards the wind. Let them see you dressed and ready for every season. Let them see you basking in both sun and rain.

FINDING FOODEat dandelions, identify wild edibles and nurture seedlings. Let them see you seek out "weeds" and tending a garden. Let them see you trust in and gain strength from the land.

ADVENTURINGClimb a tree, scale a rock or choose a new path. Let them see trying something different and taking measured risks. Let them see you uncomfortable and striving.

BEING PREPAREDStart a fire, build a shelter and navigate your way. Let them see you feeling comfortable and resourceful away from the house.

HEALING Rest under the trees, breath deeply and seek peace in nature. Let them see you giving yourself time, slowing down and seeking solace outside.

BEING CREATIVEMake a nature mandala, paint with the rain or sketch in your nature journal. Let them see you inspired and noticing beauty in the small things. Let them see you make something beautiful out of what's given.

WORKINGChop wood, move rocks, build a raised bed. Let them see you sweat, make progress and do meaningful work.

CARING FOR NATURERaise happy animals, pick up garbage on the trail or make a brush pile for the birds. Let them see you caring for and restoring the environment. Let them see you express compassion for all creatures (especially the spiders).

This is my list, what's yours? Is there something you feel proud that you're modeling outside for your family? I would love to hear so I can work on that too.

Your Woman Gone Wild,

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